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History of company

Confectionery factory «World Sweets» appeared on the market in 2011 as a result of the Alliance of Russian and Italian investors.

Assortment policy of the company was determined long before the beginning of production activity. The main idea of the product line was to release desserts, traditional in different countries of the world. From here and the name of the factory World Sweets, which translated to English means «the Sweetness of the world».

All products are manufactured on high-tech lines of the European level and well adapted to the requirements and demand of major retailers.

Today the assortment of the company is represented by traditional confectionery Italy, America and Russia. It is based on many years of experience of research of consumer preferences of these countries.

World Sweets brought to market three trade mark «Boniposi», «WOOPEE!» and «Miss World».


All products are made on the Italian and Czech equipment and tested in our own laboratory.

Taking care of our customers, confectionery World Sweets pays great attention to the implementation of practical and attractive packaging of the original design. The whole package is able to retain maximum freshness and quality of products.