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Confectionery World Sweets respects the legitimate rights of consumers on food safety and adheres to the position that any information related to health and safety must be open, accessible and extremely clear.


Our factory routinely test raw materials and finished products, confirming the absence of GMOs. The company voluntarily certifies all its confectionery products, as evidenced by the Declaration on conformity.









Declaration of conformity to the tarts and cakes "Boniposi".

Produced according to a HUNDRED 93765511-001-2011.








Declaration of conformity at the biscuit.

Produced according to TU 9131-002-0090143000-05 and GOST 24901-89





Declaration of conformity for gingerbread.

Is produced according to GOST 15810-96.


Declaration of conformity on the cupcakes.

Produced according to TU 9136-003-0090143000-09.


Declaration of conformity on the Zephyr, fruit candy and marmalade.

Produced according to TU 9128-001-0068477554-09.





Special attention confectionery factory World Sweets to their products is a guarantee that the consumer receives a high quality confectionery products made from feedstocks.


Confectionery World Sweets as a responsible company considers its duty:


- do not use in the manufacture of its products potentially dangerous ingredients including GM products (for control over the company regularly tests the raw materials and finished products in the state specialized laboratory);


- fully inform consumers about the contents of its products;


- contribute to informing the society about the relationship between GMOs and health and about the necessity of GM labelling.